Human Capital

TMC was founded by consultants whose base profession is Human Resources. It is a practice that has accompanied the lines of Compensation business in its various forms, as well as those of Talent Retention and Total Rewards Measurement (Link here to both practices)

The solutions that have been implemented by TMC in this area correspond, in general, to those recognized as differentiators and useful for various business purposes:

Climate studies and organizational engagement

We help measure the perception of your employees / collaborators regarding different aspects related to your organization with methods that reduce the bias that occurs in cases like these. On the other hand, the studies of organizational commitment consist in the measurement and design of conditions in which the members of their organization give their best every day, committed to the results and the detection of the determinants that cause them.

Competencies and their statistical validation

TMC has extensive experience in the statistical determination of competences and their relationship with organizational results. Our methods seek to refine the relationship between differentiating competencies and determine which of them are really correlated with organizational results.

Potential Evaluation Models

TMC's potential estimation models are part of the state of the art in this matter. The process allows to determine, once the conceptual model is configured, what is the level of potential of a collaborator using instruments that help control the inevitable bias of these cases and that provide a more accurate estimate of the capabilities of the collaborators.